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Gynecomastia Surgery In Jaipur – Causes, Treatments

Are you uncomfortable or embarrassed about the appearance of your chest? Do you feel uncomfortable going shirtless or bare chest while swimming or gym? Don’t let your heart down and get back your confidence with best gynecomastia surgeon in Jaipur | Best male breast surgery in jaipur. Cosmo Care clinic has excellence in gynecomastia surgery, it is executed to shape your chest the way masculinity demands and build your self-confidence with satisfaction. gynecomastia surgery gives you permanent chest depletion with an almost painless, scarless, and flattened chest appearance.

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gynecomastia means male breast or male boobs . Usually men's chest is very flat and all the muscles are tight and breast tissue is found in men's chest and muscles. Sometimes, due to various reasons, the size of breast tissue increases in the muscles present between the skin and chest of men and gives a feminine look . It embarrasses men and creates lack of confidence .gynecomastia usually occurs in men after puberty or in old age, and one in five have enlarged breast tissue. But in 75% of the people it gets cured on its own in 2 years.

If you are also facing such problem then there is nothing to worry because now Best gynecomastia surgeon in jaipur is available in your city. When there is excessive fat accumulation instead of breast tissue growth, it is called 'pseudogynecomastia '. This can be the time of obesity where there is accumulation of fat in many places of the body. Apart from this, even in cases of massive weight loss, the skin becomes loose and hangs down.

What are the Causes of gynecomastia ?

1. Our body develops to become male or female on the basis of some special hormones. So if we get any such disease due to which there is a problem in our hormone system, then due to this gynecomastia can occur.

2. The hormones of the body have to have some kind of interact with the cells in our body. Therefore, if you are more sensitive to hormones, breast growth occurs even after hormones return to normal.

What should I do if I have gynecomastia ?

If you are in need of Best gynecomastia surgeon in jaipur then you should book an online appointment with us today or visit our clinic to start your treatment process . You will be thoroughly examined in our clinic and after some examination you will also be asked some questions. All these processes are just to cure the disease. You may also need to visit an endocrinologist for evaluation of hormonal status.

Some procedures will need to be performed after you order your surgeon's decision on treatment for gynecomastia. After your surgery, you will be advised to wear a pressure garment-type vest. It helps in contracting the skin much better and gives relief from oedema. Most pressure garments are recommended by doctors to be worn for approximately 2 months. Pressure garments are made to fit your body. That's why the measurement of the pressure garment is taken beforehand and if needed it is stitched and fitted back.

What do you mean by gynecomastia surgery?

By reducing the size of the male breasts, gynecomastia surgery flattens and improves the chest outlines. The weight of the extra breast tissue can sag the breasts and stretch the areola in severe cases of gynecomastia (the dark skin surrounding the nipple). In these situations, the areola's position and size can be adjusted surgically, and any extra skin may be removed. gynecomastia plastic surgery is properly referred to as reduction mammaplasty.

What is gynecomastia ?

  • gynecomastia is a condition in which males grow abnormally large or developed breasts at any age. The disorder may be brought on by hormonal changes, hereditary factors, obesity, or the use of specific medicines.
  • gynecomastia might make you feel uncomfortable emotionally and lower your self-esteem. Some men may even shy away from particular intimate behaviours in order to conceal their illness.
  • gynecomastia is characterised by the presence of unilaterally (one breast) or bilaterally distributed glandular tissue, excess localised fat, and occasionally extra breast skin (both breasts)

gynecomastia surgery blemishes

Incisions are necessary for all gynecomastia surgical procedures. Male breast reduction surgery may leave some incision lines visible, albeit the majority are hidden by the body's natural curves.

Despite the fact that certain scars may be hidden by the breast's natural shapes, all gynecomastia surgery scars are permanent. Your self-image and confidence will probably improve as a result of your enhanced upper body, whether you're wearing a shirt and tie, a t-shirt, or baring your chest at the beach.

Surgery is a profession, not a precise science. Although positive outcomes from your operation are anticipated, there is no assurance. In some cases, treating gynecomastia with a singlesurgical surgery might not be able to produce the best results.

What are the risks of gynecomastia surgery?

The decision to undergo plastic surgery is very personal; you must choose whether the advantages will help you reach your goals and whether the dangers and probable side effects of gynecomastia surgery are tolerable.

You will be required to sign consent paperwork to show that you are aware of all the risks and potential consequences associated with the treatment. The following are dangers associated with gynecomastia surgery: Breast asymmetry, blood clots, bleeding (hematoma), anomalies in the breast's shape and contour, and bleeding.

In gynecomastia a person develops abnormally large breasts due to the growth of breast tissue. It can be caused by many factors such as genetic or hormonal imbalance. It mainly depends on the level of oestrogen as it causes the size of the breasts to increase. Excessive use of alcohol or steroids is another cause of breast enlargement. Male breast reduction is one of the simplest cosmetic surgery procedures but the best results require a skilled approach that only comes with specialized training and experience. Here we are for the same the potential doctors to find a cosmetic surgeon in Jaipur who can perform the procedure safely and achieve the results you desire.